Date Gig Location/Date Boot Title
??/01/95 Maison Rouge Studios, Fulham, London, UK Definitive Too
28/01/95 DV8, Seattle, WA, USA Paint You A Picture
Seattle DV8
29/01/95 Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, Canada Listen Up
01/02/95 The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USA The Fillmore Complete
03/02/95 The Palace, Hollywood, CA, USA Hollywood 95
Hollywood 95 (Crackly Version)
11/02/95 Deep Ellum Live, Dallas, TX, USA Bring It On Dallas
Dallas 95
13/02/95 Urban Art Bar, Houston, TX, USA Houston 95
15/02/95 New Daisy Theatre, Memphis, TN, USA Lost & Lonely
07/03/95 Theatre Of The Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA, USA Philadelphia 95
08/03/95 The Academy, New York, NY, USA The Complete Academy
New York 08/03/95
08/03/95 The Late Show with David Letterman, Ed Sullivan Theatre, New York, NY, USA Backstage Now
10/03/95 Lupo's, Providence, RI, USA Lost In The Fog
Live Forever
11/03/95 Avalon, Boston, MA, USA British Lads In Boston
14/03/95 Phoenix Theatre, Toronto, Canada Toronto 95
16/03/95 St Andrews, Detroit, MI, USA Detroit 95
20/03/95 Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, MI, USA Orbit Room
24/03/95 First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA There We Were
25/03/95 2FM Radio, Dublin, Ireland (Noel Phone Interview from Milwaukee) MickDude's Vol. 1 NEW!!!
25/03/95 Rave At Eagles, Milwaukee, WI, USA Rave At Eagles
14/04/95 White Room, Channel 4, London, UK MickDude's Vol. 1 NEW!!!
Definitive Too
Bologna 97 (2 CD)
17/04/95 Cliffs Pavillion, Southend, UK Live By The Sea
20/04/95 Le Bataclan, Paris, France Look Back In Paris (2 CD) UPDATED BQ!!!
Paris Bataclan Remastered (2 CD)
22/04/95 Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, UK Another Place To Pray (2 CD)
01/06/95 100 Club, London, UK (Noel guesting Paul Weller) Paul Weller - 100 Club 01/06/95
23/06/95 Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, UK Bonehead's Birthday (Audience)

Glastonbury 1995 (Complete)

Radio Supernova
23/06/95 Glastonbury Festival (Backstage), Somerset, UK (Noel Solo Acoustic) Start Here Now! (Oslosis Crisis)
Live In Concert
30/06/95 Roskilde Festival, Denmark Behind Closed Doors (Incomplete Soundboard)
Roskilde Complete (Complete Audience)
14/07/95 Scotland Today, Backstage at Irvine Beach (Liam & Bonehead Interview) MickDude's Vol. 1 NEW!!!
16/07/95 Pheonix Festival, Stratford, England, UK (Noel Guesting Paul Weller) Paul Weller - Midnight With An Oasis
18/07/95 Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, Madrid, Spain (Audience 5 Tracks) Gracias Madrid
21/07/95 Zeebruggers Beach Festival, Belgium Zeebruggers Beach Festival NEW ULTRA RARE!!!
22/07/95 Slane Castle, Dublin, Ireland Chill Out!
22/08/95 Club Citta, Kawasaki, Tokyo, Japan A Big Noise
23/08/95 Liquid Room, Tokyo, Japan Liquid Gig (2 CD)
Hello Goodbye
26/08/95 Garden Hall, Tokyo, Japan Better Than Blur Any Day (2 CD)
Smokers Back In Town
28/08/95 Imperial Hall, Osaka, Japan Imperial Hall 28/08/95 (Real Version)
29/08/95 Imperial Hall, Osaka, Japan Big In Osaka (2CD)
28/09/95 MTV Europe Outdoors, London, UK Undrugged
02/10/95 Empress Ballroom, Blackpool, UK See You There
More Mancunians
03/10/95 Simon Mayo Show, Radio 1, London, UK Due North
The Early Years
Unplugged Vol. 1
04/10/95 XFM Session, London, UK Fun Radio Update / XFM Update
Compilation Vol. 1
05/10/95 International Centre, Bournemouth, UK Bournemouth Remastered (2 CD)
We Were Getting High (2 CD)
10/10/95 Hammerjack's, Baltimore, MD, USA Jackpot
Hammerjacks 95
11/10/95 Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, USA (Soundcheck) NY Soundcheck
13/10/95 Tuxedo Junctions, Danbury, CT, USA Danbury 95
14/10/95 Orpheum Theatre, Boston, Mansfield, USA Boston Night
19/10/95 Late Show with David Letterman, Ed Sullivan Theatre, New York City, NY, USA MickDude's Vol. 1 NEW!!!
Rags To Riches
02/11/95 Gary Crowley Show, GLR Radio, London, UK Due North
04/11/95 Earl's Court Exhibition Centre, London, UK Liam The Walrus (2CD)
I Fuckin' Hate Him (2 CD)
Liam's Garden (2 CD) NEW AUDIENCE SOURCE!!!
05/11/95 Earl's Court Exhibition Centre, London, UK Earls Court 95 2nd Night (2 CD)
Good Day, Good Night! (2 CD) NEW AUDIENCE SOURCE!!!
06/11/95 Capitol Radio, Euston, London, UK Thru The Years
Seattle 96 Complete (2 CD)
07/11/95 Le Zenith, Paris, France Paris Supernova
12/11/95 Live Music Hall, Koln, Germany Music Hall Live
14/11/95 Trocardiere, Nantes, France Frere Jacques
15/11/95 Aeroneuf, Lille, France Lille 95
20/11/95 Globen Annexet, Stockholm, Sweden Evening Glory
Stockholm 95 Complete
23/11/95 Fun Radio, France Fun Radio Update / XFM Update
In The Glory
22/11/95 Nulle Part Ailleurs, Canal+ Studios, Paris, France Noel Takes Control (2 CD)
26/11/95 NYMEX Arena, Manchester, UK NYMEX Arena 95 (2 CD)
28/11/95 Later with Jools Holland, London, UK (Liam-less) MickDude's Vol. 1 NEW!!!
Knebworth Supernova (2 CD)
Step Into 1996
29/11/95 Brixton Academy, London, UK (Noel Solo Supporting Paul Weller) Two Nights At Brixton
29/11/95 Brixton Academy, London, UK (Paul Weller) Paul Weller - Brixton Academy 29/11/95
30/11/95 Brixton Academy, London, UK (Noel Solo Supporting Paul Weller) Two Nights At Brixton
30/11/95 Brixton Academy, London, UK (Paul Weller) Paul Weller - Brixton Academy 30/11/95
01/12/95 Rockfield Studios, Gwent, South Wales, UK (Later broadcasted on Radio 1) Step Into 1996
Take Me Away
02/12/95 KNDD Holiday Festival, Seattle, WA, USA KNDD Holiday Festival
07/12/95 Nutcracker, WHFS Radio, Baltimore, MD, USA Unplugged Vol. 2
09/12/95 KEGE Holiday Festival, Minneapolis, MN, USA Go Easy With Ya Coins Dickhead
12/12/95 MTV Ultimate Winter Vacation, Aspen, Colorado, USA Cork 96 2nd Night (2 CD)
In The Glory
Backstage Now
13/12/95 Liberty Warehouse, Toronto, Canada The Warehouse
15/12/95 Live 105 Holiday Festival, Berkeley Community Theatre, San Francisco, California, USA Step Out
250.000 Fans Can't Be Wrong (2 CD)
Forever Alone
16/12/95 KOME Holiday Festival, San Jose, CA, USA San Jose 95 AUD NEW ULTRA RARE!!!
Forever Alone
18/12/95 KROQ Holiday Festival, Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, California, USA Step Out
Helter Skelter Christmas
22/12/95 White Room, Channel 4, London, UK MickDude's Vol. 1 NEW!!!
Closet Encounters