Date Gig Location/Date Boot Title
06/01/00 Oui FM, Paris, France Evening Sessions
17/01/00 Live Lounge (Steve Lamacq Show), Maida Vale Studios, London, UK Evening Sessions (Complete with Interviews)
Step Into 2000
Only The Strongest Will Survive
20/01/00 Evening Session, Maida Vale Studios, London, UK Evening Sessions
Step Into 2000
21/01/00 Foxy's Drive Time, Capital Radio, Lodon, UK Foxy's Drive Time
24/01/00 Tim Lovejoy Show, XFM Radio, London, UK XFM Session 2000
01/02/00 MTV Europe, London, UK Step Into 2000
Columbus 2000 (2 CD)
11/02/00 Later with Jools Holland, London, UK Later With
The New Oasis
23/02/00 Nulle Part Ailleurs, Canal+ Studios, Paris, France Pinkpop Pop-Up
29/02/00 Yokohama Arena, Tokyo, Japan Newborn A Precursor (2 CD)
01/03/00 Rainbow Hall, Nagoya, Japan My Generation (2 CD)
03/03/00 Marine Mese, Fukuoka, Japan Trouble Star (2 CD)
05/03/00 Yokohama Arena, Tokyo, Japan 005M (2 CD)
06/03/00 Yokohama Arena, Tokyo, Japan Yokohamasis (2 CD)
07/03/00 Yokohama Arena, Tokyo, Japan Roll It Over Yokohama (2 CD)
09/03/00 Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan Standing All Over (2 CD)
11/03/00 World Hall, Kobe, Japan So Far Away (2 CD)
12/03/00 World Hall, Kobe, Japan Sunday Evening Call (2 CD)
14/03/00 Green Hall, Hiroshima, Japan Live Get It Together (2 CD)
16/03/00 Army Hall, Sendai, Japan We Are Big Brother (2 CD)
21/03/00 Bataclan, Paris, France I Can See A Rock N' Roll Star (2 CD)
23/03/00 Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium Brussels 2000 (2 CD)
Brussels 2000 FM
25/03/00 E-Werk, Koln, Germany (Incomplete Soundboard) Where Did It All Go Wrong?!
25/03/00 E-Werk, Koln, Germany (Complete Audience) Cologne Panic (2 CD)
05/04/00 Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA, USA Fantasies & Fears (2 CD)
06/04/00 Portland Radio, Portland, OR, USA Compilation Vol. 2
06/04/00 Schnitzer Auditorium, Portland, OR, USA Portland Night (2 CD)
08/04/00 Berkeley Community Theater, San Francisco, CA, USA San Francisco 2000 (2 CD)
09/04/00 Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA, USA LA 2000 (2 CD)
10/04/00 Tonight Show with Jay Leno, NBC Studios, Los Angeles, USA Step Into 2000
13/04/00 Auditorium Theater, Denver, CO, USA Denver 2000 (2 CD)
15/04/00 State Theater, Minneapolis, MN, USA Minneapolis 2000 (2 CD)
16/04/00 Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI, USA Milwaukee 2000 (2 CD)
18/04/00 Chicago Theater, Chicago, IL, USA Chicago 2000 (2 CD)
19/04/00 State Theater, Detroit, MI, USA Detroit 2000 (2 CD)
21/04/00 E J Thomas Hall, University Of Akron, Akron, OH, USA Akron 2000 (2 CD)
22/04/00 Murat Center, Indianapolis, IN, USA Indianapolis 2000 (2 CD)
24/04/00 Palace Theater, Columbus, OH, USA Columbus 2000 (2 CD)
26/04/00 Y100 Sonic Session, Philadelphia, PA, USA Y100 Sonic Session
26/04/00 Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA, USA Philadelphia 2000 Remastered (2 CD)
Giggin' On The 69th Street (2 CD)
27/04/00 Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA, USA Boston Panic (2 CD)
28/04/00 Much Music, Toronto, Canada Step Into 2000
Columbus 2000 (2 CD)
29/04/00 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada F**kin Hometown (2 CD)
01/05/00 Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY New York 2000 (2 CD)
02/05/00 The Late Show with David Letterman, Ed Sullivan Theatre, New York, NY, USA Step Into 2000
03/05/00 Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA, USA Fairfax 2000 (2 CD)
05/05/00 Music Midtown, Atlanta, GA, USA Atlanta 2000 (2 CD)
08/05/00 Sports Palace, Mexico City, Mexico Mexico 2000 Remastered (2 CD)
17/05/00 Praça Sony, Lisbon, Portugal Lets All Make Believe (2 CD)
22/05/00 Top Of The Pops, Glasgow, Scotland, UK Step Into 2000
30/05/00 Filaforum, Milan, Italy (Noel-less) Milano Live
02/06/00 Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria (Noel-less) We Don't Need Each Other
03/06/00 Haus Auensee, Leipzig, Germany (Noel-less) Leipzig 2000
07/06/00 Arena, Berlin, Germany (Noel-less) Berlin 2000
10/06/00 Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, Holland (Noel-less) Pinkpop Pop-Up
11/06/00 Rock Im Park, Nürburg, Germany (Noel-less) (Incomplete Sounboard) Rock Im Park
11/06/00 Rock Im Park, Nürburg, Germany (Noel-less) (Complete Audience) Rock Im Park Complete
12/06/00 Chris Moyles Show, Eindhoven, Holland Boston Panic (2 CD)
Step Into 2000
15/06/00 Hultsfred Festival, Hultsfred, Sweden (Noel-less) (Incomplete Soundboard) Hultsfred Festival 2000
18/06/00 Heinken Jammin' Festival, Imola, Italy (Noel-less) (3 Soundboard Tracks) Compilation Vol. 3
19/06/00 Le Dome, Marseilles, France (Noel-less) (Complete Audience) Le Dome Live
19/06/00 Le Dome, Marseilles, France (Noel-less) (Incomplete Soundboard) Marseille 2000
21/06/00 Fete De La Musique, Republique, Paris, France (Noel-less) Fete De La Musique
22/06/00 Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany (Noel-less) Hamburg 2000
30/06/00 Werchter Festival, Werchter, Belgium (Noel-less) (4 Soundboard Tracks) Compilation Vol. 3
02/07/00 Ruisrock Festival, Turku, Finland (Noel-less) Ruisrock Festival 2000
04/07/00 Palacio De La Comunidad, Barcelona, Spain (Noel-less) Barcelona 2000
Barcelona 2000 (Alternate Version)
06/07/00 Quart Festival, Kristiansand, Norway (Noel-less) (Complete Audience) Quart Festival 2000 (Audience)
06/07/00 Quart Festival, Kristiansand, Norway (Noel-less) (Incomplete Soundboard) Quart Festival 2000 (Soundboard)
08/07/00 Lansdowne Road, Dublin, Ireland, UK Noel Re-United (2 CD)
Dublin 2000 BQ (2 CD)
09/07/00 Eurockeennes Festival, Belfort, France (Noel-less) Eurokeenes Festival 2000
15/07/00 Reebok Stadium, Bolton, UK Bolton Wonders (2 CD)
16/07/00 Reebok Stadium, Bolton, UK Reebook Stadium II (2 CD)
21/07/00 Wembley Stadium, London, UK Fuckin' Mega! (2 CD)
Familiar To Millions (2 CD) Buy It
22/07/00 Wembley Stadium, London, UK Land Of The Giants (2 CD)
26/07/00 Paleo Festival, Nyon, Switzerland Unfinished Business
29/07/00 Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK Murrayfield Stadium 2000 (2 CD)
04/08/00 Benicassim Festival, Benicassim, Spain (Noel-less) Benicassim 2000 (Complete but with DJ Comments)
Benicassim (1 Song missing but no DJ Comments)
06/08/00 Sudoeste Festival, Zambujeira Do Mar, Portugal Panic In The Festival
08/08/00 Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary (Noel-less) Rockin' In Budapest
12/08/00 Skanderborg Festival, Skanderborg, Denmark (Noel-less) Skanderborg 2000
23/08/00 Gijon Festival, Gijon, Spain (Noel-less) Gijon 2000
25/08/00 Reading Festival, Reading, England, UK (FM Recording Complete) Reading Festival 2000 (2 CD)
25/08/00 Reading Festival, Reading, England, UK (4 Excellent VHS Sourced Tracks) Compilation Vol. 3
26/08/00 Glasgow Green Festival, Glasgow, Scotland, UK (Audience Complete) Glasgow Green 2000 (2 CD)
26/08/00 Glasgow Green Festival, Glasgow, Scotland, UK (4 Soundboard Tracks) Compilation Vol. 3
28/08/00 Leeds Festival, Leeds, UK (Audience Complete) Leeds Festival 2000 Complete (2 CD)
28/08/00 Leeds Festival, Leeds, UK (Soundboard Incomplete) Live At Leeds
No More Giants
09/09/00 John Lennon Tribute, Channel 4 TV Show, London, UK John Lennon Night
Acoustic Sessions 2001
Step Into 2000
13/11/00 Vicar Street Club, Dublin, Ireland, 13/11/00 (Noel & Gem Join Kelly Jones) Kelly Jones - Acoustic @ Vicar Street 2000